See What People Are Saying About Big Man’s Brew

Big Man’s Brew is now available in many locations – See what people are saying!

Big Man Brew is now the official house Beer here at The Brighton Bar (since 1915), it has become a crowd favorite, and is featured as our daily special….in addition, it has replaced all other IPA’s, and I as the owner has now become a devotee of the hoppy flavor it offers.

Greg Macolino

Owner, The Brighton Bar

As more and more of our customers look for new and exciting beer offerings, Big Man’s Brew has been a tremendous hit at my bar. Our guests rave about the taste of the beer and they love the fact that it represents a music icon. We are excited to be a part of the beginning of a brew that will be a surefire hit.

Matt Deiner

General Manager, Mainbrook Tavern

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my excitement and enthusiasm regarding the overall profitability and potential of the Big Man’s Brew brand and product line. As an expert with Constellation Brands, within the wine and spirits industry, I can say with confidence that this, bold IPA is made with an impressive combination of ingredients which captures the essence of his legacy, pays homage to “The Big Man” and those seeking a bit of nostalgia with each sip.
The Clarence Clemons name and image are highly iconic and an immediately recognizable. Along with Bruce Springsteen on the “Born To Run” album cover, “The Big Man” has gained worldwide appeal because he is such a beloved and legendary figure. Springsteen states on a nightly basis during his sold-out Broadway Shows, “Losing Clarence was like losing the rain”. 

For these reasons, I believe this is an incredible platform for growth of his brand equity in the Bev Alc space with endless potential. This makes for a highly lucrative investment opportunity and one that I look forward to supporting for many years to come.

Greg Arabatzis

Former Director of Global Sales, Constellation Brands International

I hail from a heritage of Becks family brewing and the new trademarked beer is not only uniquely suited to capture the essence of the Big Man, but is of superior quality in keeping with the heritage of the Beck family tradtion. My unique brew master skills have allowed me to select just the right recipe for the craft beer drinkers today who are looking for something that stands apart from the rest. The Clarence Clemons association adds meaning and also brings fans drinking our brew back to memorable days of fun and good times.

Michael W. Beck

Brewmaster, BMB

We are ready to go and requesting Big Man Brew, for the Wonder Bar asap! (the Stone Pony sister club – as Pony does not currently serve draft)

This will be the first step for our Asbury venues!

Kyle Brendle

House Promoter, Stone Pony

I have worked and participated in many special events where Big Man’s Brew has been the featured IPA . The response to its crisp, citrus taste has been overwhelmingly  positive , and there is much interest in purchasing the beer in bottles and cans as a keepsake memory of the beloved Clarence Clemons . The delicious taste and nostalgia associated with the brew, makes it a much sought after IPA.

Cindy Nardelli

Owner, Mammas in the Kitchen

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